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Patrick “Modefi” Bosse is an American rapper, songwriter, and producer, born in Nashua, NH. Before he started rapping, Modefi was a music loving, skateboarding nerd. He started making beats and rapping to them in 2010 while going to school at C.R.A.S. (Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences), and produced his first mixtape the following year. “Mission:Orion” was an LP released officially on June 30th in 2011, followed by “The Andromeda Mixtape” in October of 2013, both self produced and self released. In 2014 Modefi will be releasing another EP “Ursa Major” with an instrumental companion album “Ursa Minor.” No release date has been posted yet.

Check out Modefi on:

Modefi – Dark Matter

Modefi – Bounce

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