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Miztuh Chazs-21

Still buzzing off of a brief European promo tour, Alabama native Miztuh Chazs releases his 5th studio album titled 500MICS. It has been 5 years since his critically acclaimed indie album A.W.O.L. surfaced and now he’s back to once again push the boundaries of his craft. The mix of lyrical wordplay and signature AMP instrumentals creates a unique sound that only Miztuh Chazs has mastered. No other project has proven this more than his current project 500MICS which released on December 18, 2015.

As a Midwest ambassador, Miztuh Chazs continues to bend the curve of the definition of hip hop. With high energy beats, his album gives an exquisite blending of jazz, soul, and rock with a perfect hybrid of 1940’s piano style music, southern hip hop rhythm mixed with an amped club vibe and a fresh touch of satire about life. Both an artist, songwriter, beat producer, and entertainer, he has spanned various states in the U.S. from California to Tennessee and overseas to Germany and France.

Even with other projects in the works for Miztuh Chazs, he took a long step back to fully focus on his album. One can almost say he meditated until his resolve became clear. Any listener or fan, new and old, can find a piece of themselves in this record. Because of this he created an entity that could stand up to most hip hop classics that are around today. 500MICS is the pinnacle of underground, indie, and hip hop music. Want to experience the rising legend that is Miztuh Chazs? Check him out at these social media sites.

Reverbnation: @mrchazs
Periscope: @miztuhchazs
Instagram: @miztuhchaz
Myspace: @streetmarinemusic
Twitter: @wearesamg
Vine: @TheOfficialMiztuhChazs
Snapchat: @wearesamg


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