Mitchell & Ness “Snapsback” with a Phenomenal NBA Hat Collection

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Do you love unique headwear inspired by your favorite basketball team? Well now you are in luck because iconic sportswear brand Mitchell & Ness has made a special collection of hats for the activewear shop chain LIDS that is sure to stop you in your tracks. This is truly one of the greatest mashups of the year.

We all know that the sportswear brand Mitchell & Ness has come out with amazing products year after year, but they have never developed a product as unique as the one that they just recently released at LIDs. If you didn’t already know, this iconic company just launched a “Reflective XL Logo Snapback Headwear Collection.”

“Well what exactly is a reflective  collection?” you might be asking. To put it simply, it is a collection that utilizes reflective materials in its design (in this case Mitchell & Ness put the reflective material on their new hat’s NBA team logos).

If that’s not enough, this collection is even more of a phenomenon because under flash photography the XL team logos irradiate, allowing you to show your team spirit under almost any circumstance (especially when attending your favorite team’s basketball game). Our favorite design is the Chicago Bulls snapback because when a flash hits it the illumination makes it look like the bull is coming alive (which is pretty awesome).

All in all, what’s not to love? As you can see the collaboration of the year has just arrived and it was made just for you chic hat lovers. To purchase these phenomenal hats visit

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