Miss Lady, Reppin My Block

Miss Lady

Heather Dozier a.k.a Miss Lady from Maine started her rap career in 2008 with her first single called “Reppin My Block.” Shortly after releasing her first single she had her first performance at a local night club called “Rumors” where she performed the songs “Reppin My Block,” “What About You,” and “Tryna Play Me.”

While continuing to establish herself as a female MC and building a fan base, Miss Lady invested in herself and opened up her own record label and recording studio called “Chosen Few Records” in 2010. With her image and creativity in her songs, Miss Lady has inspired and helped other artists express themselves through music including her daughter, Aaliyah a.k.a Lil Miss Lady.

Miss Lady has a numerous number of live performances under her belt and has opened for major acts including Mims, Cory Gunz, and DJ UNK. This year she got put on the “She Got Next Vol.25 (ALL FEMALE) COAST 2 COAST MIXTAPE” with the track “On Set” featuring Lil Miss Lady #6 on the mixtape. Miss Lady was also chosen to be on “GLOBAL NEWZ” presented by DJ Nero Maserati from Chicago, Illinois which released over the summer with her track “Swaggin Like A Mobsta.” She also completed a project with Canadian producer JStaffz with her new hit single “My Zone” which brought lots of buzz throughout the United States and other countries.

Her fan base is growing rapidly and is receiving many inquiries from A&R’s, labels, and other artists along with collaborations about music she has been putting out with much respect and has had her music played on different radio stations in various states.

Currently Miss Lady is working on a collaboration called “Work” featuring DJ UNK releasing late October and was just put on the “Female Industry Takeover Vol.2” with her hit single “My Zone” Hosted by DJ PAPITO from Allentown, PA set to be released by the end of September.

Visit her Facebook fan page, as well as on Reverbnation, and stay tuned for more to come from Miss Lady.

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