MiL1, The Journey


MiL1 (pronounced Mill) is a recording artist/writer/engineer/entertainer from Grand Rapids, Michigan that has become progressively well known as a rapper with a unique sound with highly creative metaphors and versatility when it comes to changing up the style. As a child MiL1 was always interested in hip hop and the music that came with it, so he began writing stories in 2005 that evolved into poetry and into lyrics he planned to record but didn’t know how.

It wasn’t until the summer after 8th grade when MiL1 found a cheap computer mic and searched the net for any software he could find to record with. As they say, the rest is history and you can listen to The Journey to hear the rest.

From headlining shows to constantly being told by his fans that he has positively impacted their lives and being quoted on blogs as “So much more than just the mixed background that he was born into, he’s bound to be 1 of the most well-known artists period,” there is no doubt that MiL1 is a strong force in music and bound to go far in this world.

Facebook: @RealMiL1
Instagram: @RealMiL1
Twitter: @RealMiL1


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