Mike Spence, Kick It Wit A Boss


Mike Spence is ready to make a name for himself from the music as well as the quality that he’s introducing with his work. From the different sounds to quality of production, the music definitely stands apart from the rest. The unsigned r&b artist is making music that fits all emotions that will resonate with just about everyone.

Many people make music regardless of their skillset, but Mike Spence creates art that’s nothing but unique. He combines his knowledge of musicianship with this innate creativity to form a distinct direction for what each record should sound like. Upon first listen, you’ll fall in love with the music and leave your ear drums wanting more.

­­­So far in 2016 he’s been featured in Queen of the Curves Magazine as artist of the week and in 2010 he graced the stage of hit competition show X Factor. With a new project in the works that’s slated for a spring release, you can take a listen to his 2007 mixtape titled Bedroom Therapy to get you primed to what he has to offer next. He’ll also be putting out more visuals/videos, taking advantage of opportunities, and seeking to work with a major label artist.

Soundcloud: mike-spence83

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