Midnite Action, Hip-Rock Rebels


There is that moment in the night when the minute hand ticks forward from 11:59pm to usher in the start of the morning. That moment when the corks explode from bottles and champagne rains down from the sky. That moment when the music is turned up, the crowd has their hands to the ceiling, and the energy reaches its apex to breathe life into the party. That moment when absolutely anything can happen and we embrace that unfiltered freedom. That moment is Midnite Action.

Raw, wild, and eccentric, Midnite Action is a music duo best described by the experience they give listeners, rather than the genres that the industry will try to confine them to. Group members, Husk-E-Fresh and Shotti, are South Jersey natives with huge personalities and a shared passion for moving crowds. The duo combines street attitude and colorful lyrical delivery, over powerful rock guitar lines, with the purpose of inciting potentially lewd behavior. Longtime friend and producer, Traxx Trigga, crafted Midnite Action’s hip-rock sound to make the group stand out.

Midnite Action’s music forges hip-hop culture forward by breaking down boundaries with edgy content and rock-inspired debauchery. The self-proclaimed “Hip-Rock Rebels” are fine with being the circle peg in a game of squares. Touted by TripleHQ.com as the year’s Top 10 Unsigned Artists, their unexpected musical mayhem has become expected to influence partygoers everywhere. So when the clock strikes 12, clothes begin to get stripped off, copious amounts of tequila spill over the rims of glasses, and the DJ drops a guitar-charged track to spark chaos – that is Midnite Action.

Official website: http://www.midniteaction.com
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/midniteaction

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