M.I.C., Vocal Acrobatics


Hailing from Atlanta, GA via Orlando, FL, M.I.C., one half of the up and coming group Suthern Kum4rt (better known as SOKO), is a very versatile Hip-Hop artist that incorporates lyrical content and substance shrouded in the sounds of mass appeal. Originally from the less tourist friendly portion of Orlando in a single parent household (due to his father’s constant struggle with various drug addictions), housing his mother, older brother, and himself, M.I.C, is no stranger to the dangers of the street nor the struggle that comes with having to live without. Turning those negatives into positives, M.I.C. is an emcee that puts focus on lyricism and the psychological outlooks on social issues dealing on an urban, spiritual, and commercial front.

In an effort to unite their family, M.I.C’s mother moved the family to East Point (Atlanta), GA in ’97. Being torn between his Jehovah’s Witness upbringing and his failure to ward off his worldly desires, in 2013 M.I.C. decided to share his disposition on wax with his first online release, “The Involvement: A Concourse Effort,” staking his claim in the Hip-Hop world. Upon his interest being peaked, he managed to stumble upon the Soul Food Cypher (SFC) at Wonderroot which later led to him becoming a member of the family. His initial hopes in doing so were to hone his skills as an emcee. However, over time he’s taken advantage of the outreach programs that the cypher offers in order to feed his needs to help others ultimately bridging his talents and the principles his faith.

M.I.C. offers music that can be enjoyed by both the “casual” Hip-Hop listeners as well as the avid “fine comb” lyrics lovers. He’s known for bringing a very charismatic, and uniquely identified range of lyrical content and vocal acrobatics, in conjunction with his ability to smoothly ride the rhythm of even the most unorthodox beat to a point where it seems that his flow was married to each individual note and drop. Often shrouded in mystery, M.I.C. is an enigma waiting to be revealed to the masses.

Official Website: mic1.bandcamp.com

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