Mic Angelo, The New Generation’s Leader


Right from the beginning life was hard for Mic Angelo who was born and raised in the Overbrook neighborhood of Philadelphia. Growing up in broken household that experienced several collapses, he was a youth who was an outcast in school and only accepted by the kids who were also troubled. Mic began to show signs of aggressions against others and enraged by his behavior his older brother introduced him to Rap. Tupac Shakur became his spiritual teacher and inspiration leading to Mic’s infusion in Hip Hop. He soon began to write music at the age of 9 and would rap with close friends to get an opinion.

Taking the musical approach after many years of pent up emotions, when asked about what his goal for music is he states that “It’s not about the money, the fame, or even the bitches. It’s about being able to give back to his family and to be able to give back to Philly.” He is striving to help bring back block parties, provide a decent standard of living for single mothers, find legitimate jobs for prostitutes and dope heads, and open parks and community centers for children of the ghetto. Mic considers those who he grew up with in the ghetto family and wants nothing less than to bring success to the communities he’s lived in.

Mic is the embodiment of rap music. He eats, breathes, and even shits it. In his eyes the generation of today needs a leader with a message. He wants to connect with people on a spiritual level and let them know their stories and their life has not been forgotten in his eyes. Mic continues to grow with the community and with his raps.

Official website: officialmicangelo.weebly.com

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