Menez, Out Of My Comfort Zone


Alberto R. Medal, stage name known as Menez, was born in Long branch, New Jersey on February 27, 1995. The young rapper was raised his whole life with his single mother and one sister in Asbury Park, NJ. A recent graduate from Asbury Park High School and now college student, Menez has been chasing his dream to travel around the world performing his lyrical music for about 4 years now. Menez started rapping in Spanish but slowly grew his confidence to rap in English. Telling his story through music was his best way to express himself.

“I never really liked talking to anyone about my situations or how I felt about things because I was always the one to keep everything to myself. It became easier for me to write it out and spit over a beat because I feel like I’m always talking to someone that can relate to how I feel or what I’m going through.” said Menez.

Influenced by J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Mac Miller, and a few other artists, up and coming rapper Menez has been staying focused on getting his name spread around the streets and all over the internet. The half Nicaraguan and half Mexican rapper, Menez is also influence by urban artists in Latin America such as J. Alvarez, Arcangel, Nengo Flow, and many more.

In 2009 when he wrote his first reggaeton verse for his friend, J. Solo, who started rapping a year before Menez. That’s when he fell in love with the art of rhyme. After that, J. Solo and Menez realized they had the same dream and both understood each other’s views when it came to music. Not raised by the same parents, they built a strong relationship that made them feel like brothers.

Menez is featured on J. Solo’s first mixtape, La Revelacion, with two tracks, Sueltate & Dime Que Tu Sabes De Amor. He has also been featured on two more mixtapes J. Solo has put out in the last few years. Both haven’t stopped working on music together since 2009.

In 2011 Menez joined an independent label, Pueblos Records (P. Records), that was started by Smoky. Since then they have been working together recording in a home studio. Over the years Menez has put out more than 100 tracks. Menez has performed in small clubs/bars throughout the years.

Menez started 2014 putting out his first mixtape, “God And Myself.” On January 31, 2014 “God And Myself” was released all over the internet.

Now Menez is working on his second mixtape, “Dreamers Believe In Dreamers.” With a different style and sound, Menez believes this mixtape will take him far.

“I wanted to do something different than the “God And Myself’” mixtape. I wanted everything to sound different so I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried it on new style beats. I got a lot of catchy hooks and different flows that’s going to catch everyone’s attention.”

Learn more about Menez on his Facebook page.

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