medafOracle, Hip-Hop’s Purity Is Alive


medafOracle migrated from the east coast to Phoenix, AZ in 2003. Known for his witty punchlines, complicated rhyme scheme, and trickery wordplay he mixes this into songs containing substance and content; this is what separates him from other emcees. He uses this to create a balance between the real world and entertainment. Not only known as an emcee but also a producer and engineer, he strives to be an influence for the local artists in his state, region, and ultimately worldwide. Being raised on the late 80’s and 90’s era of Hip-Hop, he has had the blessed opportunity to share the stage with some of his influences and legends from that same era such as Pharoahe Monch, De La Soul, The Alcoholics, Talib Kweli, Aceyalone, and One Belo.

Raised mostly by his mother after losing his father at age ten to gun violence, he has had a passion to use his gift of writing music to educate younger listeners. Focusing on real life situations he has been through, witnessed or could have experienced, he paints these very portraits with his songwriting abilities. medafOracle’s love for Hip-Hop was conceived during his conception and with his love and talents combined he hopes to utilize this as an engine to drive the youth’s inspiration.

Though Hip-Hop’s purity hasn’t flourished in the mainstream world, he is aware that it is alive and well and proves this in every song he writes. Do yourself a favor and get familiar with the medafOracle.

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