Max Star, Far From Ordinary


Max Star started out just a boy with a dream from Laurelton, Queens, New York. As he grew up, his dream grew with him. He started to take the art of songwriting and music making more seriously. Now he’s turned into the Max Star we all know today. From lyrically driven songs to club bangers, he makes beats all his own. As he likes to say, he has yet to meet a beat that was better than him. He is very hands on in every phase of his work, from the songwriting, which he does for other artists as well, to making the beat, to arranging the song, then tracking it and mixing it down. He loves to watch his art become the songs that the fans love.

You can always catch Max at a show these days. He has now in his career opened up for The Black Eyed Peas as well as Souls of Mischief and KRS-One, done countless shows of his own, and went on a multi-state tour. If he isn’t out rocking a crowd he is in the studio, which is evident by the fact that Max has recorded 3 demos, recorded a studio album and mixtape with Broken Complex Records, and more recently released his newest mixtape “Far From Ordinary.” On top of that he has done countless singles and featured for quite a few amazing artists.

At the beginning of 2013, he started his rap crew Epic City and over the last year he was watched it grow around him. He is very passionate about making everyone else around him better, as well as being around people that will drive his craft to a higher place. He is now working on a new mixtape and looking forward to the release of his much anticipated first album. Max has retained his humbleness through it all. He is working hard to keep the quality hip-hop at the fore front and is ready and excited for what the future has in store for him.

Instagram: @TheRealMaxStar

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