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From the gritty streets of Los Angeles, Kushy Carlito, an up and coming artist, is primed to take the game by storm. Emerging onto the scene with his kushy flows and witty wordplay, Kushy Carlito delivers an array of records portraying tales of the struggle, shedding light on issues in the community, and giving motivation to others to get that money.

Raised by a hard working mother and a hard nosed father, Kushy migrated from Compton to South Central LA weekly, with both street cultures molding him into the man you see today. The street life is survival of the fittest. Everyday lived is a blessing in in of itself. Kushy Carlito originates from that exact struggle, and as he climbs out of that pit of poverty, he uses his music to take his following along for the ride. Money is the motive as with anything else, and growing up in the hood, the youth seem to go down the same road to gain their riches – selling drugs or hitting house “licks”. Kushy Carlito often found himself caught up and eventually suffering the consequences of his foolish decisions. But with the weight of providing for his two seeds on his back, daily, Kushy Carlito decided to make some changes. With a 9 to 5 grind, he used his hustler’s mentality to fuel his real dream, music. Inspired by fellow West Coast artist Nipsey Hussle and Kendrick Lamar, Kushy began to study the game and develop his flow, and dedicated himself to mastering his craft with one goal in mind, “Be your own boss”. Along with music, Kushy Carlito has ventures in fashion, making his #FBB movement into a reality with shirts, beanies, and crew necks.

Check out Kushy Carlito on his website at You can listen to more of his music on SoundCloud at

Kushy Carlito – The Breakdown

Kushy Carlito – The Roll Up

Kushy Carlito – The Spark Up

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