Mastermind Alliance, Lost Generation

Mastermind Alliance

Mastermind Alliance is a blue collar indie Hip-Hop super group from Upstate NY and Central Mass that was formed in 2012. It’s made up of 2 producers (James Green and Jay Bernard) and 3 emcees (Ghost of the Machine, Fredo Crespo, and Death Over Simplicity). Mastermind Alliance’s music paints a picture of activism, struggles, and the day to day triumphs of their lives over gritty boom bap beats.

Gaining a great response from the local scene and the respect of many musicians from their region, Mastermind Alliance decided to work on their debut album “Lost Generation” in 2013. All throughout the album’s creative process, Mastermind Alliance worked hard to maintain their reputation of brandishing a heavy arsenal of lyricism while continuing to be a representation of the roots of Hip-Hop in a time in history where the media often misses the mark on what Hip-Hop music truly is.

Along with the stellar production of Mastermind Alliance producers James Green and Jay Bernard, “Lost Generation” has features on it from respected underground artists such as REKS and Termanology. Mastermind Alliance plans on releasing “Lost Generation” in stores and iTunes in March 2015. Mastermind Alliance kicked off the New Year by releasing their 2nd mixtape on DatPiff and Soundcloud titled “League of Shadows” on January 1st. League of Shadows is a dope project that was written, recorded, and produced in 3 days’ time. Be on the lookout for the release of Mastermind Alliance’s debut album “Lost Generation” in March 2015 and check out “League of Shadows” for a preview of their upcoming album.


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