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Born July 10th 1988 as Syldrik Aaron Jr in Atlanta, Georgia, MastaMinD grew up in Capitol Holmes and lived in some of the rougher parts of Atlanta before ultimately being homeless on and off from the age of 11. He says that For him, “During early childhood, music was my only friend, I just wanted to strengthen the relationship.” MastaMinD began rapping at the age of six, and writing at the age of nine, going by the title “D.Z.”(Dirty Zone), and influenced by artists like OutKast, Goodie Mob, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Three6Mafia, Kilo Ali, Master P, Pastor Troy, UGK, Ray Cash, Chamillionaire, Z-ro, and 8-Ball and MJG. MastaMinD listens to much more than just Rap, believing that listening only to rap would make himself “one-dimensional” and exploring other forms of music helps to think outside the box.

MastaMinD began doing poetry/spoken word nights during high school, and around this same time he also began freestyle battle rap, with his first official onstage performance at age 15. “During High school, every night I free-styled to instrumental CD’s and recorded myself on 90-minute cassette tapes while living in the group home,” he says. MastaMinD believes in the traditional pen to pad writing method and takes every verse seriously, having several Composition notebooks full of songs and verses. Having been a part of many groups, he finally decided to become solo feeling that only he himself could match his hunger. Though still affiliated with many artists and producers, MastaMinD is a solo artist, dropping his first solo mixtape “MinD ControL” in November of 2013. His next mixtape “Both Sides of the Fence” will be released sometime in 2014.

You can check out more music by MastaMinD on SoundCloud at

MastaMinD – Win 4 Lose

MastaMinD – Clique “ATL Edition”

Songhai45 – The Illest Remix featuring BlackBoiGotem and MastaMinD

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