Masta-K, The Dynasty

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Masta-K is the founder of the business called The Dynasty and the group unit involved in its creation is called The Royal Family. Masta-K was a drifter of sorts. His family moved out of Queens, New York to a small town in Pennsylvania. Despite what should’ve been a suburban light upbringing, much of Masta-K’s childhood was filled with violence sparked mostly from racial tension. Having had been constantly dipped in conflict, both psychologically and physically, has brought out an extremely aggressive nature that now seems to be instilled in this rapper’s fiber. This aggressiveness is also complemented with intelligence that’s often displayed in the lyrics.

To date Masta-K has released 4 albums. “Street Life From All Aspects,” a album that plays out like a true life cinema with drama, action, revenge, and at the end even a lil bit of love; “D-Day,” and album about proving how far Masta-K’s range of musical ability could go if he so chose; “My Life B4 Music,” a mixtape that visits a lot of Masta-K’s past and reveals a bit more of the aggression that the rapper had in his personality in the early part of his career; “Legend of a True Fighter,” considered his debut album it’s a much darker album that goes into the psychological and emotional detail of some of the events that occurred in Street Life From All Aspects album.

Visit Masta-K on his Reverbnation to learn more about his music.

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