Music Welcomes Marz With Open Arms

IMG_0153 (2)

Music artist Marz’ breaking into the music industry. From unique sounds to top shelf production, her work definitely stands apart. Her ambition and focus has primed the artist to exceed expectations and to become a highly sought out talent by professionals. Don’t miss out on Marz because the musician has something the listeners have always wanted.

The Harrisburg, PA native caught a charge in 2005 that resulted in a 24 month stint in prison. During that time she started to write, but upon release she stepped away from her connection to music. It wasn’t until recently that she began to question her life after the murder of her brother. She pondered not wanting to be the average Joe and settled on wanting to be Marz.

She’s taken the initiative to pursue music and that in itself is a noteworthy highlight in her emerging career. In late July she’s working on a video in Baltimore and for the foreseeable future she’ll continue to push her singles to build a strong fan base.


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