Mark Carson, Good Vibes

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Rapper, producer, and writer Mark Carson was born on September 7, 1998 in Anderson, South Carolina. Growing up in Columbia, he found music as a way to express himself. At age 8, he started to teach himself how to play instruments and as he entered his teen years he had grown into an obsession for music and became inspired by old school Hip Hop (Beastie Boys, Biggie, The Sugar Hill Gang, and J Dilla).

At age 13, he started to learn audio engineering. Since then he’s been dedicated to making music. Growing a strong fan base out of Columbia, Mark has been recognized as the next artist to come out of the area. Now at 16, he’s working on his second mixtape, “Good Vibes,” which will include features from many other SC talents and artist Hi-Rez. “Good Vibes” will be available in the Fall of 2015.

Twitter: @MarkCarsonMusic
Instagram: @MarkCarsonMusic
Facebook: @Mark Carson

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