Marcus Christ Wants To Singlehandedly Save Hip Hop

Marcus Christ’s becoming known in the professional recording and music industry. With sheer focus on his craft, the grinding artist is making an impact with a progressive style unlike no other. The music artist and upcoming entrepreneur is only expected to deliver impressive work from here on out. Marcus Christ’s making all the right decisions and people are listening and watching.

In a press release by MtB Entertainment, Marcus Christ was described as “a prodigy/savior of hip hop.” The Compton, CA based artist released his debut album titled Return of the Beast in December 2015 in select stores in Los Angeles, CA and is now available worldwide on various online digital merchants. He claims he’s the true Christ and his album proves he can save hip hop singlehandedly. Since the release he’s received multiple reviews that have praised his style and his ability on the mic.

Marcus Christ’s currently in talks with a publisher for his upcoming book and has released a single, “The Weekend,” from his new album Prince of the Universe. The concept for the album came to him while struggling with new ordeals such as trying to get fed, physical confrontations, and generally being somewhere he didn’t want to be while in jail.

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