Malik Doctor, Even Through Great Loss I Strive For Success


Malik Doctor was born in Queens, New York in 1992. He was raised in south side Jamaica, an area well known to have spawned a lot of rappers most notable among them 50cent, Mr. Cheeks, and Ja Rule. Doc (stage name) and his younger brother were raised by their mother Jessica Gaston as a single parent. In December 2002, he lost his mother to an electric accident. He moved in with his grandparents who subsequently passed in 2006 and 2009. Ever since then Doc have had the sole responsibility of raising and taking care of his younger brother. After the series of tragic losses, Doc found solace in alcohol and smoking marijuana as a way of coping with the situation which to date he has still not been able to overcome.

Doc graduated Martin Van Buren High School. While in high school Doc played basketball which he describes as his first love. He was on the school’s basketball team and dreamt of playing professionally but this dream was cut short by an ankle injury during practice.

Doc had his first stint with making music at age 7 when his mother bought him a mini boom box with a recorder for his birthday. It was not until he was eighteen when he started putting his thoughts into lyrics. He started sampling beats from YouTube and making his own music at the time. Doc met Jacob Bailey, a producer/rapper, at his job who invited him to his studio for recording sessions. In a period of about a year he had recorded over 150 tracks but lost everything during an altercation with the police. He describes this as a great loss but did not stop writing.

Soundcloud: @theunion_doc
Instagram: @malik_doctor
Twitter: @BoiiDoc
Facebook: @malik.doc.54


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