Madame Torment, Fierce Hungry & Confident


The idea of forming an all-female rock band was lead guitarist Erin Elizadeth’s dream. Having met vocalist Elsa Faith through mutual musician friends, and sharing the same goals and influences such as Motley Crue, LA Guns, The Runaways, and Guns ‘N Roses, Madame Torment was born. The young, crude, and full of energy Portland, Oregon based band is an all-female original hard Rock group formed in May 2011. Shortly after the birth of the band, with the original lineup, the band released a 3 song EP in December 2011 (Union Sound Studios) which included their first sexy anthem “Bad Girls.” The sheer chemistry between Erin and Elsa was starting to blossom and they knew they had something special. They were ready to embrace a full blown Rock n’ Roll journey and share it with the world.

Shortly after the release of their debut demo, Madame Torment took a break in 2012 when the original line up fell through. After searching far and wide, Madame Torment came back in 2013 with a vengeance. Madame Torment added 17 year old drummer Camille Denny, rhythm guitarist HellKatt Elise (Annelise Josserand), and bassist Ashley Luna. With this line-up they have opened up for national touring acts such as Witchburn, Wednesday 13, Richie Ramone’s (of the Ramones) Black n’ Blue, Mortified Mortician, and Faster Pussycat. They also were handpicked to play the Portland Rose Festival and were featured in the entertainment section of the local newspaper.

In August 2013 Madame Torment recorded their single “Party Til You Puke (Live It up)” at Opal Studio (clients include Scorpions, Shrapnel Records, and Deen Castronovo). Engineer Kevin Hahn also co-produced the song and the band released it digitally on their Reverbnation profile soon after. In May of 2014 “Wicked Bitch of The West,” Madame Torment’s first full length EP, was released featuring the band’s loudest-catchy anthem “Get Out” as well as karaoke/instrumental versions of each track. In Fall of 2014 Madame Torment filmed and released their first official music video with Chef’s Special Productions (Portland, OR) and was released via YouTube in November of 2014. Madame Torment will be embarking their first mini West Coast tour in August 2015 and promoting their new EP “Lost Girl In The City.”

Official website:
Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Reverbnation: @MadameTorment


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