Mad Man Sweet, A Musician For Life

Mad Man Sweet

Taylor Jenkins, Mad Man Sweet, is a writer, singer, and hip-hop artist out of Mesa, Arizona. Born in a small hood, Sagner Ct. in Fredrick, Maryland. he was raised by a family of church choir singers, rappers, guitarists, and some above average shower singers. Sweet has been a musician his whole life drawing inspiration from everyday situations, getting it on a beat, and sharing it with the world.

Sweet is currently promoting newest digital release of “Indoctrination Theory.” It’s a 6 track release of the newest, realest, and hottest material Sweet. He is also working and recording with a lot of local hip-hop artists out of his home studio, “The Grotto.” Stay tuned with your boy Sweet for more material and promotional activities as Sweet puts AZ on the map!

“Get with me or stay lost” – Sweet

Learn more about Mad Man Sweet on his Official Reverbnation Page.

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