Macleoud, Hero For Blue Collar Emcees


Macleoud (omegamillions) is an aspiring emcee hailing from Newport News, Virginia who began rhyming to deal with anxiety issues and finding strength from Nas’ “It Ain’t Hard to Tell” during the golden era of hip hop.

Macleoud’s a true hero for blue collar emcees. While cranking out infinite material, he works at PepsiCo and has for the last 11 years. His love for music can only be rivaled by his love for his son. He is motivated solely by his quest to be the best and become a staple in “top 5 dead or alive” debates for his musical contribution – hence his pop culture persona derived from the Highlander TV series.

Every bar is another step closer to immortality and every Macleoud mixtape is another whack rappers decapitation. The prize is respect and with a flow like this he commands it. Macleoud believes in hip hop and there can only be one. He won’t rest until he’s the one.

Official website:
Instagram: @omegamillions
Twitter: @omegamillions1
Facebook: donte.m.davis
Cyphercircuit: macleoud-omegamillions
Soundcloud: omegamillions

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