M-Dub The Magnificent, Seeing The Vision As A Youth

The Best In The Game Official Art work by Timmy Lynch

M-Dub The Magnificent, The Gift, Michael Winchell, was born in Glens Falls, New York on the second day of March in the year 1987. He was raised in a small run down town in a household of five. As a kid, M-Dub loved to play sports and listened to all types of music growing up. After he heard Eminem at 11 years old he was inspired to write rhymes, so he began to write.

At the age of 16, M-Dub became dedicated to his rapping and began to freestyle bypassing the pen and paper. Along with best friend, Brandon Cole, BC the Incredible, they formed a group named 2 Stoned And Intoxicated. They would practice freestyling and writing songs every day.

At 21, M-Dub recorded his first song with his friends. His life became difficult for a few years putting his dream aside. Then at 26, he awoke and said he can do this. M-Dub has been collabing with artists and working on this craft ever since. He saw the vision at 11 years old and has never gave up. Krazy K-LOE, produced his album and Omega Orion co-produced it. J-Nice, Ghost Da Don, Angel, K-Black, and L.E.J. are all featured on the album.

Twitter: @MDubMagnificent
Instagram: @Mike.Winchell
Facebook: @Mike Winchell
Soundcloud: @mike-winchell


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