LYRYK: Just Press Play


Music artist LYRYK is no stranger to the music and recording industry. From different sounds to top shelf production, the music definitely stands apart. Her dedication is no less than the best and putting in the effort to make it to the majors won’t be a surprise in this case. Don’t miss out on LYRYK because the musician has something the listeners have always wanted.

Her progression into music began with writing poetry that developed into putting these words to music and producing. Stepping up to the mic for the first time was a challenge, but coming from her mother and father LYRYK knew fear’s something that only overcomes a person who doesn’t believe. Every obstacle she’s pushed through it. Her music’s carried her, helped her bring out an inner beast, and enabled her to step on stage and pour it out so you could visualize every bar.

LYRYK’s traveled the world and it’s boosted her confidence knowing she could rock a crowd in a place she’s not from and get mad love. Now she’s working on her debut album that’s set for a summer release. Her goal’s to hit every heart, mind, and soul who press play. That’s exactly where her title to the album comes from, Just Press Play.

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