Lyrikal Knights, Lemme Tell Ya


Lyrikal Knights are young rappers from Chicago who rap for a hobby and started making music during their sophomore year of high school when they released their first project titled It’s My Time on YouTube and Soundcloud. Following this, they started working on a second project titled No Limits which is now available on Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, etc. Lyrikal Knights are currently working on a third mixtape and expecting to release some songs soon.

For most people, music is just a daily part of life. However, for the Lyrikal Knights music does not just describe them – it defines them. They view music as more than just an escape from reality. It’s the best way for a quiet person to share the inner workings of their mind. Music can be used as a channel for all the emotions that they did not know how to let out.

YouTube: @Lyrikal Knights
Soundcloud: @lyrikal-knights
Facebook: @LyrikalKnights

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