Lusive, The Interlude


Lusive is presenting himself as a musical icon that will bring that refreshing conscious music back with a punchy hip-hop flow blended with a touch of jazz. This can explain to you why Lusive learned piano and violin at a very young age. Lusive is one of the greatest performance artists ever displayed in an urban genre. He can blend musical backgrounds with his unique sound and style to create an epic experience. He will accomplish a wide fan base through his versatile-in-depth music and generate awareness of self-wealth.

North East Bronx was the starting point for Lusive but he continues to have different musical influences such as classical, blues, pop, and R&B. He’s always enjoyed performing in front of a large mass of audience and loves to show the world his musical talents. Currently Lusive is gearing up to release his debut mixtape, “The Interlude,” which displays his life journey in musical form. It’s set to drop early spring 2015.

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