Lukk G, NONE Better


To pop or not? Seemingly a deeply-rooted disquietude accorded upon many of those amidst the Houston Rap scene. Often caricatured by its foreseeably-sluggish operandi, comprised of gold-infected lifestyles, the innumerable odes to its fallen pioneers or even the codeine influenced way of living has indefinitely landed itself into a syrupy abyss; both a gift and a curse.

Awaiting to lead his city from such undesirable ravines is 23 year old Houston native Lukk G of rap conglomerate NONE Better – Now or Never Entertainment. Long before frolicking through beats, slicing like words in attempt to awe his peers, penning a verse seemed inane to the “real Rap” emcee. Now relinquished from an ephemeral athletic career at Abilene Christian University, the former defensive back ultimately traded out one set of pads for another; nevertheless leaving his competition concussed. The undeniable prowess of label mates, Chatter and Rizzy Rizzy Redd, played an essential role into the lyricist’s upbringing sparking a new possession for Lukk. This time forcing him to pick up the ball only to never look back.

The emergence of Houston’s indubitably talented new age roster is championship ready. With viscerally menacing lyrics from Kream Clicc’s and Maxo Kream; all out studio warfare from south side hero Propain; the commanding machine behind recent Jet Life signee Le$; or even the cunning but ever so catchy pimp-infused lyrics from the Sauce Twinz, Lukk G is ready to play team ball adding a new dimension to Houston’s vastly blooming scheme. With his “RealRapRealRare” EP set to drop this summer and already having performed on Joey Fatts’ Ill Street Tour with a Doughbeezy stop (May 8th) at Eastdown Warehouse, Lukk and the NONE Better collective are definitely conjoined alongside the disparate melting pot of talent broiling inside the new Houston wave.

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