Lu Hound, Progressing In a Competitive Business

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Lucas Fernandes Peixoto, Lu Hound, was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and quickly assimilated to the South Florida lifestyle after arriving in the United States in 1995. Being a part of two contrasting cultures has given him a completely original style all his own. Growing up with Brazilian parents, samba music was constantly played in his home; however, it was the influences of hip hop music radio stations that drew his interests to genre. Lu Hound’s passion for all types of music has brought value to every aspect of his personal and professional life.

Growing up, Lu Hound had many different musical influences ranging from the aforementioned samba to rock to jazz to hip hop. These influences are what separate him from the rest because he never puts himself in a box that that can easily be labeled. 50 Cents Get Rich or Die Trying and Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory have had a huge musical influence on what would become his unique sound and style. He listened to them repeatedly until he started to naturally develop his rapping and performing technique. Once he became comfortable with his own unique flavor, he began to experiment with other forms of inspiring music such as freestyle rap, hip hop, and even rock music.

After years of listening, writing, and recording, Lu Hound now has officially released his first project called Get Right and soon after uploading his music video onto YouTube, he had a label from the United Kingdom called Pop-Up Music contact him about partnering up for a publishing deal. In 2014 a short family visit to Brazil turned into a 6 month trip that landed him performances in various venues in Brazil. Credit is given to a duo named Flowzen, two artists he met in Brazil, for granting him the opportunity to open up for Ja Rule and opening the doors for his slew of performances.

Facebook: LuHoundOfficial
Instagram: @lu_hound
Twitter: @LuHound954
YouTube: Lu Hound
Soundcloud: soulspoken

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