LT Nast, Feelin’ Like It’s Friday


Jason Barney, LT Nast, was born and raised in Mineral, VA and is a self-proclaimed superstar in his own right. Growing up in the confounds of a church in Louisa County, LT Nast gained the knowledge and passion of music pushing his way into understanding the hip hop game and being known as “one hell of a rapper” at his high school. He was also known to win all of the different music activities distinguishing him from so many independent rappers out there. After he graduated in 2004, LT Nast focused and pushed himself winning competitions through showcases and/or talent gigs opening the eyes of different entities within the hip hop industry.

LT Nast began his professional career in 2014 by working with GT Management, building his brand by starting his own entertainment business called LTC Commission, and getting radio interviews with such major stations as 106.5 The Beat with celebrity radio host Zxulu. But his greatest accomplishment thus far as an independent recording artist is the recent worldwide distribution deal with Veeyay Vega Don, head A&R of Protect Ya Neck Records and Wu-Tang Management.

LT Nast is one of the headliners for The Konnected Tour with Mr. Kevan Glover, owner of The Konnected Magazine, Konnected Tour, and the Charlotte Queen City Awards. In addition to being on tour, LT Nast was asked to open up for headliners (Young Dirty Bastard of the Wu-Tang Family and Rich Gates of Brick Squad ) of the North Meets South Edition of the Ultimate Exposure. Currently LT Nast is workinf on his album called “Let Me Be The LT” which features hit single “Feelin’ Like It’s Friday.” LT Nast is expected to be the next hottest up and coming artist in the hip hop industry as he knows he can’t give up and that he must keep pursuing his destiny.

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