L.O.U.D., Catching The Ear Of All Music Lovers


L.O.U.D. is a duo group formed by Mesa, Arizona’s own Joshua Muhammad, Jay Di’Nero, and Minneapolis, Minnesota’s Jordan Clark Johnson, Jordan Anthony. The two met at William Byrne Elementary in Burnsville, Minnesota where Di’Nero finally settled after spending much of his childhood in south Chicago amidst all the poverty and gun violence. Anthony first took notice of Di’Nero after overhearing him rapping in the school bathroom. The two became best friends and even performed together in a 6th grade talent show where the two danced to their childhood idol Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.”

Di’Nero eventually left Burnsville as the two moved onto junior high. Jordan took his dancing ability and began to record himself and post it on his Facebook and YouTube Channel gaining a fan base eventually becoming Facebook famous. Di’Nero returned to Burnsville soon after and both shortly reunited, but Di’Nero left once again. Continuing to work on his music, Di’Nero ran into a local studio in Lakeville and invited Anthony to the studio after Anthony was teased about his voice and lack of rhymes. The two recorded an unheard song titled “Commas” and they’re time in the booth the idea of becoming a group manifested itself.

By the time the two turned 16 they had already formed a group named L.O.U.D. and began dropping songs on Soundcloud and YouTube reaching over 1K views on their first song ever dropped. The two became known all around for their styles, music, and promotion skills. Now both are attending Burnsville High School in Minnesota and are on a huge rise to success becoming street famous and reaching out to other local artists. The two brothers combined are bound to give nothing but great quality music of all genres to catch the ear of all music lovers.

YouTube: @KiddxIcey

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