Lord Yang, The Block Donnellys


Independent Hip Hop artist Lord Yang is one of the founding members of the Hip Hop collective $K Gang. Born in Toronto, ON, Yang began producing at the age of 17. Although he had been rapping since he was 12, he didn’t begin recording professionally until the age of 18. Now at the age of 19, Yang has released one EP and has been working on several projects.

Yang has a collaborative project titled “The Block Donnellys” with fellow $K member Di$tant. Their hottest single “Kane” has created some buzz for the group locally. The project is currently slated to be released in August. Yang also has upcoming solo projects which involves work with producers such as $K member Shawn Beats, OG Parker, and DJ Pain-1 as well as features from artists including King Los.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SkuddaGang?fref=ts&ref=br_tf
Twitter: @YangDonnelly
Instagram: @thekeyserera

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