Smoke & Cruise with Loose Bills

Inspired by artists like Prince, the Isley Brothers, and New Edition, you would think that Loose Bills would’ve turned out to make music in the same genres as those artists. Instead Loose Bills journeyed into the rap game, first with a few friends in high school and calling themselves The Bfd Clique, then later on as a solo artist. His triumph as a solo artist would further prove he was predetermined for greatness, as a unique style, balanced flow and passion for creating music have aimed him for success and longevity. With plans to make bigger, better, and smarter moves, Loose Bills eventually took the time out to buy equipment and set up his own studio to record music freely. After two mixtapes which generated huge amounts of buzz, Loose Bills is about to take it over the top with the release of his newest mixtape entitled 20 mins ’till Arrival

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Loose BillsSmokin & Cruisin featuring Maniac & BeastBoy

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