L.N.S., Under-Sound


When it comes to being musically inclined, L.N.S. is not a new group in the recording business. From the lyrics to the overall performance and style, the music speaks for itself. L.N.S. has made a name from the music as well as the quality. From the different sounds to quality of production, the music definitely stands a part. The indie/hip-hop soul group consists of two artists, DJ Smoke1 who’s the founder and producer, and L.Shaw who’s a vocalist and songwriter.

The duo came together as L.N.S. by bring together their set of skills that mesh with each other’s ideas and views on the music they create. Since the inception, they have established an underground career and they’ve also shared the stage with legendary acts like Wu-Tang and Gangstarr.  Additional artists they’ve had the pleasure of gracing stages with include Lupe Fiasco, Paul Wall, Yellow Wolf, Crooked I, and Murs of the Living Legends.

We can expect their sophomore album titled #Hashtag to be release in mid to late 2016. The project will offer a dapper-soul feel with a dash of trap and funk seasoning. It’s sure to wet anyone’s appetite for top notch music. But you won’t have to wait until later this year to satisfy your hunger, on April 1st they are releasing the first single titled “Under-Sound” on iTunes.

Official website: www.smoke1dj.com
Soundcloud: lnsmusic760

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