LiyahMoni’s Blow Up

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LiyahMoni (Lee-Ah-Ma-Knee) is a 20 year old upcoming female rapper/song-writer from Columbus, Ohio. Raised by her mother and has two younger siblings, she began writing music when she was 8 years old. When she was 15, LiyahMoni began to put out freestyle videos on YouTube and songs, feeling like it was time she should let the world hear her story and allow her to change the game. She joined Priceless Entertainment, an independent label with a few other talented artists in Columbus, Ohio. With her new found family she continued to write music and put out her sounds. Pleased with the feedback from listeners around the world, LiyahMoni began working on mixtapes and collaborations with other artists around Ohio and everywhere else. She’s three mixtapes in and is just starting her domination. She is also in the works of starting a movement for women and young girls called, “Queen Theory,” believing every female deserves to be a Queen and should think highly of their self. You can check out her latest EP, Dysfunctional on Be on the look out for her upcoming mixtape Before The Crown, coming this November.

Check out LiyahMoni on her website at Listen to her music on SoundCloud at

LiyahMoni – Aquarium

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