Lil Shaw, Determined To Be A Success


Reggie Shaw, Lil Shaw, was born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas on June 21, 1984 and has faced tremendous obstacles throughout his life. Shaw began his teenage years aspiring to be an all-star running back hoping to be drafted by NFL. Before he entered his junior year he received multiple football scholarships from various universities across the country. However, his dreams and aspirations were shortened due to a torn ACL. Consequently, identifying with his mother’s struggles to keep five children clothed and fed, Shaw saw no choice but to take on the path of a troubled teen.

Shaw began his Rap career at the age of 16 with a locally recognized Rap group known as the HG’s consisting of seven members from his community. After complications with group members, he began to have an alternative ambition exceeding the group’s legacy. Shortly after the group’s separation, Shaw began work on his solo debut and began to rap about the trials and tribulations he faced and has seen first-hand as a teen.

As time progressed and things started to take a turn for the worse in Pine Bluff, Shaw’s mother revealed a dream she had detailing a knock at the door and being told she needed to identify his body. After this disclosure, Shaw left the street life and changed his life for the better. Not wanting to disappoint his mother, he began concentrating on his Rap career. Ultimately, Shaw moved from Pine Bluff to Fayetteville, Arkansas determined to be a success. His hero is his mother. There’s no doubt Shaw’s mother struggled through ups and downs in the rough surroundings called Pine Bluff.

Twitter: @lilshaw7


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