LiL’ Gang$ta, They Can’t Stop Me


LiL’ Gang$ta is an African-American hip hop artist born June 20, 1986 in Cleveland, Ohio and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As a child, he found musical inspiration from notable artists like Arrested Development, IMX, Wu-Tang Clan, Easy-E, and E-40. To further his scope he also tuned his ears to genres like blues, rock, jazz that have aided in developing the rap artist.

LiL’ Gang$ta wrote his first rap song back in 1999, although his MTV biography says 2000. He was calling himself ACD (his initials) at first and he later changed his name to CMB. The latest manifestation of his stage name is LiL’ Gang$ta or LiL’ G. Rapping as ACD as well as CMB he was only writing songs as a hobby, a relaxation technique with his friends from school. He used to get teased as a youth about his height so to defend himself he adopted Lil’ Wayne and Eminem’s rap styles to come up with diss songs.

LiL’ Gang$ta dropped his first mixtape titled How I’m Livin’ in 2009 followed by several others that didn’t do so well. In 2012 he collaborated with Rappin’ 4-Tay on the song “Picture A Nigga” and the acclaimed SF rapper also helped him with his debut album. The follow ups to his 2013 release are Deception (2013), Thug Life (2014), and They Can’t Stop Me (2015).

YouTube: @LiLGangstaVEVO
Soundcloud: @LiLGangsta75


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