Light ‘Em Up Illuminating the World

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Light ‘Em Up Music is a Hip Hop group consisting of 4 members K-Rizz, Tony C, Loonitic Lector, and Blast. Based out of Reno, each member calls a different location home, giving each artist different and unique styles. From chill and lay back to club bangers to deep inspirational music, their style is not only catchy and creative but its also speaking on things that are relevant in todays society. Their main goal is to enlighten people through their artistic expression. For these artists, Light Em’ UP Music is not just a music group, it’s a movement based on the freedom of expressing your individuality through the power of choice. The world is what you make it. It’s up to all of us to create a reality that at one point we thought was an unrealistic dream.

Check them out at and on SoundCloud at

Light ‘Em Music, Blast – It Was Written

Light ‘Em Up Music, Loonitic Lector – B.L.C. ft. Blast

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