Lezy, Loved And Appreciated


Lezy (Learning Experiences with Zips and Yae), Le’Jon D Butler, was born on the north side of Milwaukee, WI The 4th born out of 6 kids, Lezy was the spoiled one. Early in childhood Lezy played sports, indulged in arts, and created music with his older brothers and cousins. From elementary to middle school, Lezy grew popular by playing basketball, having girls, and his fashion statements. Lezy had both sides of the fence because he went to school in the suburbs, lived middle class, and did most of his hanging in urban areas. Lezy was an honor roll student throughout middle school and a part of high school, but eventually picked up narcotics just to make some money for new shoes and to get girls.

Sadly Lezy was shot a couple times and that made him change his life a few years later. In those few years Lezy became a father, a barber, a model, and a caregiver. In between, Lezy was recording all the music he could. He finally released his hot single “Undercover” featuring Proph and then released the full mixtape “Howimliving” on March 13, 2012 on datpiff.com. During this 2 year period, Lezy has done fashions shows, cut countless heads, and has taken care of his 5 year son. Lezy better known as LA (Loved and Appreciated) will be dropping a new single this spring titled “Gotta Go” on Soundcloud under MoneyBrothersENT and BagderBastardENT.

Official website: www.instagram.com/LaythedonLejon
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/moneymakinlay-franklin


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