L.E.S., Limited Edition Swag


L.E.S., Limited Edition Swag, was born Andre Turner in Westbury NY, and is of Black and Dominican descent. At the age of 9 he relocated to Hempstead, NY where he grew up with his 4 sisters and was raised by his single mother. L.E.S.’s talent was nurtured by his mother who encouraged him to listen to classic rap songs. During his adolescence, L.E.S. listened to tracks by LL Cool J, Kris Kross, and Heavy D. And these became his early influences.

L.E.S. embarked on the world of Hip-Hop at the age of 13 by implementing his talent into writing poems. He became aware that this was an outlet to get things off his chest and after witnessing rap cyphers in school, he began to increase his lyrical ability. He further challenged himself by utilizing his talent in rap battles and songwriting.

His striking rap flow, which includes clever punch lines and off the top metaphors, gained the attention of many. At age 16 his music career began when he started to record songs and create mixtapes for his peers. He performed at high school talent shows and pep rallies.

After graduating high school he teamed up with another talented artist from Long Island named Prince of Long Island. The two conveyed such chemistry that they formed a group called the Jack Boys with Jack being short for jackal, an African wild dog. The group generated a buzz in 2006 and they began performing at local clubs and lounges. While in the Jack Boys, L.E.S. had the opportunity to open for Ron Browz, Busta Rhymes, Ray J, and Mims.

At the age of 22 L.E.S. found out that he was having a son which served as motivation to succeed in the field of music. He continued to pursue music while in the Jack Boys by recording and performing at many venues, including the New York City Marathon. Under the management of Jconnects, a talent management company, he began to visit local radio stations as well.

In early 2010 L.E.S. became a solo artist and released his debut mixtape entitled “Limited Edition Swag.” It received 350,000 downloads within the first week. In 2011, L.E.S. remained with Jconnects while performing all over New York. In January 2012, he released another solo mixtape.

In 2012 L.E.S. began compiling songs for his next mixtape entitled “’The Villain is Here Death to the Hero.” It was during this time that he reunited with his uncle Bert Buddha from the 730dips family. Being that his uncle was one of Freekey Zekey’s associates, he arranged for L.E.S. to perform for several people in Yonkers, NY. After rhyming off instrumentals it was clear the talent that L.E.S. possessed and that he had what it takes to make it in the industry.

L.E.S. then began attending a studio in Harlem, NY frequented by Freekey Zekey who is the president of Dipset. Freekey Zekey took Burt Buddha’s word regarding the talent of L.E.S. and took him under his wing. Shortly after, L.E.S. began attending out of state shows with the Dipset legends such as Camron, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana along with other members. This experience further motivated L.E.S. to jump back into the studio and eagerly work on his next project.

In late 2012 the mixtape entitled “Pardon This Swag Vol. 1” was released. The mixtape received positive feedback and was enjoyed by old fans as well as helped to gain new ones. The mixtape was so successful that a release party was planned and over 500 fans attended and music was provided by DJ Silas from the DJ all pro team. Another endeavor that L.E.S. embarked on was the launch of a clothing line with Harlem from the 730dip and this line is steadily growing.

In 2013 L.E.S. received a large amount of feedback on Instagram and Facebook from female fans. This prompted a project entitled “LL cool L.E.S.” that was released on Valentine’s Day to show female fans that their love and support is greatly appreciated. In late 2013 L.E.S. released a new single called “We Vampin” which is off the upcoming mixtape entitled “Pardon this Swag Vol. 2.” After the release of this single, L.E.S. performed it on Long Island alongside Freekey Zekey and shot the video for it.

Over the years, L.E.S. has acquired a large fan base and has been perfecting his craft. The time has come for record labels to be approached so the world can see who L.E.S. really is. 2014 will be fueled by more hard work but a focused humble spirit.

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