Lebron James Makes a Bold Statement with “What the Lebron 11”

what the lebron 1   what the lebron 2

Are you normally the life of the party and love standing out from the crowd? Well with Nike’s new launch of “What the Lebron 11” you will not only be that, but you might just be crowned most unique in your high school yearbook.

Lebron James, without question, has had a remarkable basketball career. Some of his amazing accomplishments include winning two world championships, four MVP League awards, and has even won 2 gold medals at the Olympics (talk about an outstanding career). These accomplishments are so great that he is unparalleled by most other players, except for the greatest basketball legends of all time.

“What the Lebron 11” is truly the next generation of urban street wear. From bold multicolored stripes to impressionable graffiti prints, these kicks are truly worth its price tag (which is a fitting $250).

These kicks come in 2 jam packed color combos. From the fiery sunburst “origin” to the cool oceanic “Alley-OOP,” there is certainly a color mash-up to fit your personality.

Did we mention that these sneakers were actually one of the most highly anticipated sneaker releases of the year?  As a matter of fact, it was so much so that customers were asked to RSVP for these sneakers on nike.com months before the release date so that they can ensure that they will get a pair before Nike ran out of them.

As an added bonus, these show-stopping sneakers come with Lebron’s seal of approval. At the bottom of every “What the Lebron 11” sneaker is Lebron’s signature. Signature style for a signature sneaker, and that’s the Nike way. These hot new sneakers were recently released on September 13 and are available for purchase now at www.nike.com.

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