Lean Out Boys, Forever And A Day

Rude Boy profile

Lean Out Boys are comprised of the sweet r&b vocals of Robbie D Love and the gritty street raps of Frxsh. Frxsh hails from the underground streets of New Orleans mixing tales of drugs and recklessness with black empowerment, while Robbie D sings from the stance of a modern day Shakespeare.

Both met in Dallas, Texas a few years ago in the underground music scene. They ended up going their separate ways until finally reuniting in late 2014 as the Lean Out Boys. Their latest tape, Forever And A Day, sets off their iconic sound.

To get an into the groove that the Lean Out Boys provide head on over to Soundcloud to listen to their latest tracks like “Love You Again,” “Rebel,” and “Face The Light.” There’s an energy that comes from the paring of r&b vocals and rap lyrics, without a doubt the Lean Out Boys are the duo to pull it off.

Official website: www.leanoutboys.com


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