Lawrence Genova, Journey Through Music

2013-04-13 12.06.11

Since moving to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2009, singer-songwriter & producer Lawrence Genova has become a stand-out performer in the local music scene as well as around the globe. Lawrence’s unique voice and calm stage presence consistently captivates audiences worldwide, while taking them on a journey through music.

Lawrence has a lyrical style with roots in his love for hip hop, a songwriting style based on his appreciation for chord progressions in classic rock songs and a singing style that he can only call his own. Lawrence’s distinguishing voice brings about an unforgettable experience to his fans and brings to light an alternative point of view to many of the common personal issues that everyone faces.

With most mainstream music perpetuating the same ol’ formula of boy bands, club music, and pretentious & diva-like artists – all while having to fall back on covering the classics – Lawrence brings about a refreshing perspective on life through his original and meaningful music.

Learn more about Lawrence Genova on his official artist website and check out his videos on his Reverbnation page.

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