LAV, Only The Real


LAV stands for Lyrical And Versatile. Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, he was first introduced to the hip hop culture through his cousins at a young age and has always loved the sport of rap. He’s been writing raps and jotting down lyrics for a while now, but in 2014 he decided to get serious and actually pursue this dream.

Above all else, being featured in Rude Boy will be an everlasting moment for him that when he looks back it’ll mark a step in the right direction. Having a supportive-dope team is also one accomplishment that he holds dearly, all things LAV couldn’t be possible without a solid group of people who believe in you. With a dope videographer who took his vision and made it a reality and a brand master who has his hands in everything when it comes to the LAV brand, it’s that team that will lead to success.

His 6 song EP titled Visions is available for download and streaming on Soundcloud and features 6 videos to accompany each track. LAV’s already done with a second mixtape and is currently working on a third. His goals for 2016 is just to spread awareness of LAV and Only The Real. You might catch a few performances in there too and more videos, the visuals are crazy. He can’t go into too much detail, but rest assured the music is coming.

Official website:
Soundcloud: LavGotBars

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