Lathan Warlick Will Continue To Be Musically Blessed

Lathan Warlick’s becoming known in the professional recording and music industry. With sheer focus on his craft, the grinding artist is making an impact with a progressive style unlike no other. The music artist and upcoming entrepreneur is only expected to deliver impressive work from here on out. Lathan Warlick’s making all the right decisions and people are listening and watching.

The positive hip hop recording artist from Jackson, TN has been blessed with the opportunity to open up for major recording artists such as Kirk Franklin and many more. “I’ve won the Akademia Gala Awards for best hip hop artist for my song “Need a Blessing,” Lathan Warlick points out.

On February 24, 2017, he’ll be performing live with major artists. He’ll also be dropping his newest single during the middle of next month.

Official website:

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