Lanskey Is The Evolution Of A Rude Boy


Brooklyn’s native Lanskey is not a newbie to professional recording and the music industry. By Vibing to his new single “Block 2 Block” you could anticipate something special is about to happen, from the music production and dedication to his body of work and music thus far. The artist has left a stamp in the music industry and community with cutting edge songs and lyrics. As a music artist as well as an entrepreneur in the music business, don’t be surprised to see Lanskey in the biggest publications because this young man definitely have the goods.

Lanksey utilizes the studio like any great artist. He constantly uses ideas as paint on the canvas creating patterns to capture your imagination. He dares himself to be effortlessly different in every thing he does which makes him meticulously detailed. From his point of view he feels there’s too much gimmickee music polluting the airwaves. That’s why he pushes himself to create something that is diverse and to gives the people a bit of optimism. You can see that his music is more than just mere entertainment to him, it’s about purpose and uplifting spirits too.

Lanksey is an underground music nominee who was nominated for “most original male solo artist” also he was nominated in the category for the “essence of hip hop award”. On tap for the industrious artist is the LP titled “Evolution of a rude boy” that is slated to be released later down in the year. He’s also slated to go on tour and launching a clothing line. Next up is his controversial single “MURDERERS REMIX” feat Eric Smith.


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