Lacy, Stepping Into Greatness

Lacy Stance (2)

Marquis Lacy, Lacy, was born April 22, 1990 in the poverty stricken area of Boynton Beach, FL and is a Hip Hop artist, producer, engineer, and songwriter. He has been featured on the music sites Dope DC, BrowardStars, and Streetkode Magazine. He stands as a versatile artist with a passionate view for the media arts, including being a visionary when it comes to his craft, and sometimes dips his hands in music mixing and video editing.

Seeking to reach heights of having his name mentioned with the greats, he devotes his time to being in the studio, seeking performances, and writing often. Allowing his creativity to be the way marker that sets him apart from those in his area, he tries to grab his listeners into his world painting pictures with his words.

Lacy has a drive to be more than just an artist in America. He wants to be diverse enough to reach international lands as well as venturing into acting, voice over, script writing, and much more. His charisma and his lyrics are the stepping stones to greatness.

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