Kyle Young, Expanding The Realm


Kyle Young has always been surrounded by art, whether it was the work of his artist dad Joe Young Jr. or music. But it’s the music that has really moved Kyle. Born in Hartford, Kyle grew up in Springfield, Massachusetts. His grandfather’s piano and then a Casio keyboard gave Kyle a way to express himself creating his own beats and music. He began writing his freshman year at Cathedral High School. He made his first recording in 2004 with a friend, Dan “Scatterboxx” Sheils, who introduced Kyle to the idea of rapping.

Kyle can be found creating compositions and expanding their realm with the moving image. Kyle graduated in 2011 with a BFA in Cinema and Television from Columbia College Hollywood in Los Angeles. Kyle’s groups have included Collabo and Soggy Rotten. His “Are You Sleeping?” music video, with Natasha Ramos, has been on national TV and placed in retail stores.

Kyle’s songs have also been used in a variety of films. Collabo’s “Can You” was used in “Copper Penny” and “Morbid: A Love Story.” Kyle’s solo “Bang” can be heard in “Copper Penny.” The song “Blunt Ride” is being used in the 2014 film “Big Losers.” Kyle is also produced the major motion picture “Diamond Ruff” and has two songs featured on the soundtrack (“Not Necessarily” and “Skin & Bones”).

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