Kwame Badu, Ever Perfecting My Craft


“Music has the power to make a person sane or insane, it’s a very sensitive weapon and should be handled with care.”

Kwame (KB Da KiD) Badu is a rapper, music producer, and songwriter active since 2005. Ghanaian-American born in Ghana, West Africa on November 28, 1992, Kwame was raised in San Diego California and launched his music career at the age of eleven. Kwame worked with producer Erik Jourgensen and toured the State of California with Ska band Neveready which he is now a member of. Kwame has performed in concert with other notable and local artists in San Diego making him amongst the pool of stardom.

The self-taught young musician found his calling to be a rapper due to its poetic nature. Kwame recorded a rap song after listening to the rapper Cassidy freestyle. When people witnessed his genuine talent and knack for rapping, he’d discovered his pursuit in life. He purchased a USB microphone for fifty dollars, economical recording software, and began recording. The euphoria of recording music grew into an almost addiction to which he devoted any extra-curricular time to music. This was as a huge turning point in his life as it led him to escape trouble in his neighborhood and in a troubled home. Kwame’s persistence and love of music led him to an eventual invitation to join the performing group Neveready.

Today, Kwame works diligently ever perfecting his craft and continues working with a multitude of producers. He has not only continued his rapping talents but has also changed lanes into different genres of music. His focus involves developing his flavor of rap, reggae, dancehall, hip-hop fusion. Kwame strives to alter the world’s perception of rap as well as inspire up and coming young artists to make music with substance.

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