Kush Kemetic, Get It In


Kush Kemetic believes it’s such a blessing to be alive and in pursuit of fulfilling his purpose. One has to be a rude boy to survive in this world and Kush is embodying that ideal. He thanks the most high for allowing him to build and network together, to share a heart’s deepest passion, and to behold lofty visions of success and satisfaction.

Kush was born into music. Baptized within his mother’s womb and raised by a spiritually gifted family who loves to have a good time. He’s very versatile in his craft and hopes that people all over the world will have a positive and empowering experience through his spirit and art. That’s what he has to offer.

Everybody out there keep on keeping on. Look out for Kush’s debut reggae single “Get It In.” He’ll be getting it in this year with major moves being made.

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